Whitepaper – Using IoT Data to Quantify InMotion Therapy Gains

A Closer Look at the Whitepaper Report

A whitepaper report examining the InMotion® Robotics system and Connect Pulse has been released by BIONIK. The report, entitled, “Using IoT Data to Quantify InMotion® Therapy Gains on Upper Extremity Motor Impairments” provides details into the clinical effectiveness of InMotion® Therapy for new robotic systems placed between 2019 and 2021. This post outlines the major findings, including improvements in kinematic and kinetic measures ranging between 8-20% in a 14-day timeframe.  

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What is Connect Pulse?

In 2019 BIONIK released a revolutionary new tool called InMotion® Connect Pulse. Why so revolutionary, you may ask?

Connect Pulse is a cloud-based platform that is used to track device utilization, therapist engagement and other usage insights. With this new tool, adminstrators can now track their return on investment and pull in-depth data on how their devices are being used across multiple facilities- entirely online. This tool can also assist therapy directors in assessing proper clinical usage and intensity targets within their facilities.

A First for Rehabilitation Robotics

With the integration of Connect Pulse, the InMotion robot is the first rehabilitation robot to be used as an Internet of Things device, also known as an IoT device. PC MAG defines an IoT device as A hardware device that connects to the internet.” Some common IoT devices that you might see in your home include smart phones and smart thermostats.  

Collecting the Data

Anonymized data within this report was collected from 26 clinics that are a part of the InMotion® Connect Pulse system. From 2019 to 2022,  6,129 patients received InMotion Therapy at these 26 clinics. The number of monthly therapy sessions  increased by  a remarkable 45% in the same period.

The Results in a Nutshell

A review of patient improvement metrics collected by the Connect Pulse system found that patients who had three or more InMotion robotic-assisted therapy sessions in a fourteen-day timespan improved at least 8% more than patients that only had two sessions. Some metrics, like mean velocity of arm movement were even 20% higher in the 3+ session group.

Metrics including aim, efficiency, and smoothness were a striking 15-20% higher in the 3+ session group. The data suggests that more InMotion® Therapy sessions may improve a patient’s therapeutic gains. The report also demonstrates the value of cloud-connected data analytics in improving device utilization.  

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