Enhance Upper-Extremity Rehabilitation Results with InMotionⓇ Robotic Therapy Solutions

Leverage the power of robotic A.I for upper-extremity motor retraining.

Welcome to the world of Bionik Labs, where innovation and technology converge to transform the field of rehabilitation.

The InMotionⓇ Therapy solutions are designed to empower physical therapists and occupational therapists, like you, to deliver exceptional care and revolutionize therapeutic outcomes

How InMotionⓇ Solutions Optimize Results

With 32 years of research to back up our technology, InMotionⓇ Therapy guarantees a more streamlined way to establish a baseline, monitor progress, and enhance your ability to restore a patient’s motor function.

Advanced Robotic Assistance:

Real-time interactive response that adjusts difficulty based on progress

InMotionⓇ Therapy combines cutting-edge robotics and intelligent software to provide precise and adaptive assistance during therapy sessions. These state-of-the-art devices seamlessly integrate into your rehabilitation protocols, enhancing the effectiveness of your treatments.

Targeted Rehabilitation:

More precise and adaptive assistance leading to better outcomes

InMotionⓇ Therapy are specifically designed to address upper extremity impairments and promote functional recovery in patients with neurological conditions, such as stroke or traumatic brain injury. With customizable therapy programs, you can tailor the treatment to each patient’s unique needs, facilitating targeted rehabilitation and maximizing their potential for recovery.

Engaging and Interactive Sessions:

1024 potential movements per therapy session

Gone are the days of repetitive and monotonous therapy exercises. InMotionⓇ Therapy devices offer interactive and engaging therapy sessions, making the rehabilitation process enjoyable for patients. The interactive games and engaging visuals create a motivating environment that encourages active participation and facilitates faster progress.

Real-time Performance Feedback:

Provides quantifiable feedback on progress and performance

With built-in sensors and advanced data tracking capabilities, InMotion devices provide real-time performance feedback during therapy sessions. You can monitor and analyze patients’ progress, track their range of motion, strength, and coordination, and make data-driven adjustments to optimize their rehabilitation journey.

Easy Integration:

Easy start-up, easy to clean and easy to shut-down when session ends

InMotionⓇ Therapy seamlessly integrate into your existing rehabilitation setup, enabling a smooth transition without disrupting your workflow. The user-friendly interface and intuitive controls ensure that you can start incorporating InMotionⓇ Robotic therapy into your sessions quickly and efficiently.

Evidence-Based Results:

Tested in more than 150 medical centers

The effectiveness of InMotionⓇ Therapy is backed by extensive research and clinical studies. Numerous studies have demonstrated their positive impact on patient outcomes, including improved motor function, increased range of motion, and enhanced quality of life.

InMotionⓇ Therapy for a Wide Range of Conditions and Impairments

Acquired Brain Injury


Spinal Cord Injury

Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, Cerebral Palsy

Other Neurological Conditions or Injuries

Why Choose InMotionⓇ Robotic Therapy

This easy-to-use solution will arm you with all of the necessary tools to meaningfully improve a patient’s therapeutic experience. Our InMotionⓇ Arm will provide a safe environment for your patients to restore their motor skills.

Benefits for Therapists

  • 2-3 minute patient setup
  • Intuitive Controls that are easy to use
  • Step-by-Step Therapy Protocols
  • Time Efficient way to increase repetitions
  • Greater focus on quality of movement
  • Safe and effective motor retraining for severe impairments

How Patients Benefit

Our technology drives neuroplasticity through precise task-specific movements designed specifically to improve motor control. Patients who use our solutions see:

  • Task specific training makes it easier to perform therapy
  • Increased awareness of deficits in movement
  • Improved motivation
  • Improved engagement
  • Reduced fatigue

See Our Technology In Motion

Unlock the Power of InMotionⓇ Arm to Improve Your Practice

By incorporating InMotionⓇ Arm into your practice, you can unlock a new dimension of rehabilitation and transform the lives of your patients. Whether you are working with individuals recovering from stroke, traumatic brain injury, or other neurological conditions, InMotionⓇ Arm offers a powerful tool to facilitate their journey toward recovery.

Take the next step in revolutionizing your practice and empowering your patients with the most advanced robotic assistance available. Join the growing community of physical therapists who have embraced InMotionⓇ Arm and witnessed the transformative impact it has on patient outcomes.

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Embrace the future of rehabilitation with InMotionⓇ Therapy , and together, let's redefine what's possible in the world of physical therapy.

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