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InMotion for PT’s

InMotion for PTs

InMotion for OT’s

InMotion for OTs

InMotion for Managers

InMotion for Managers

One Device for the Rehabilitation
Continuum of Care

Improve Functional Reach & Grasp

Facilitate Trunk Control & Stability

Challenge Higher Functioning Patients

Dual Task Development

Balance & Standing Reach Activities

Massed Practice for Visual Neglect

Safely Treat Severe Impairments

Begin Shoulder, Elbow and Hand Movement Retraining

Strengthening & Coordination

Continue Shoulder & Elbow Movement Training

Success in Treating Chronic Stroke Impairments

Marie Elise, Patient at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital, received InMotion therapy 10 years after a stroke caused her right arm to acutely contract.

“I have power now in my arm. I could open the door and I can close the door. Yesterday at the doctor's office… there was a magazine and I couldn't reach it. But I could scoot it close enough to grab it with my left hand.”

Sylvia Young OTR/L, Occupational Therapist:

One of the things the robotic arm does is it gives the patient repetition...We're able, with the [InMotion] arm, to allow them to get 100, 300, 400 movements in one session, without them being overly fatigued and of course the therapists being overly fatigued.

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